What kind of churches multiply?

Recently on the “Church Planting Village” website, Tom Cheyney posted an article outlining the traits of churches that multiply. He called these churches “sending” churches and gave a simple outline that might be a useful leadership discussion. Check the site www.churchplantingvillage.net

The point of this post however is also to draw your attention to the fact that while it is true that “sending churches have as their DNA the call to plant new churches locally as well as globally” (Cheyney), our present situation in Australia illustrates how few “sending” churches we actually have outside of the AOG, CCC and Sydney Anglicans. How will we address this problem? In speaking to denominational and Bible College leaders, the consensus seems to be that no-one knows where the planters are. The Colleges say that very few come to them for training and the denominational leaders say they struggle to identify leaders who can plant.

The exceptions – the AOG, CCC and Sydney Anglicans have a track record for not only locating, but also training and releasing planters into the Australian mission field.

So what do they do?

To summarise what I think for now, let me make two observations. They put a high value on mission and on the part we ALL play in it. And, they call for high levels of commitment and get it!

If you are reading this and you are a pioneer in spirit who desperately wants to find the space to do something in response to the call of Jesus but who finds themselves frustrated, confined by the expectations of churches and leaders pursuing a different agenda to pioneering new churches, please contact us here at the Pines. Our role is to train, resource and support. We have been looking for you!

Colin Stoodley

The Pines Training Centre

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