Do I Like God?

Another story which somehow had been sitting in the draft section for way too long.

Can I tell you two stories, both of which occurred to me last week.

I was driving home with my 4 year old daughter and my 3 year old son, when they both unexpectedly started singing this song; ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when clouds are grey’. I grinned from ear to ear!

I was sitting in a prayer meeting last week and I heard the story again about Abraham receiving a visit from the Lord and my Senior Pastor made this statement ‘do you like God?’

You know I have never been asked that before. I have been asked ‘do I love Him?’ To which I have always thought, of course! I have served God. I would like to think I have honored God. I have given huge amounts of my time, money and efforts to Him. I have thrown away any real chance of ‘making it’ in life. OF COURSE I LOVE HIM!

‘But do I like Him?’ Do I like Him mmmmmm…

If I was sitting in the back seat of a car and God was driving, would I burst out singing, ‘you are my sunshine’?

This thought has now nagged me for days. It has made me think, what does it mean to like God? Is it important?

So I endeavored to think of people who I like, and of the things I do and experience with those people.

Here is a list of things I could think of;

Most generally have a common interest connection
Most are not self centered, or ego centric in anyway
Most listen and speak kindly and encourage me
Most seem happy when I am with them
Most are truthful with me
Have fun together
I am relaxed near them
I don’t feel pressured to pretend
I am free to express myself

Hang on a minute I see something here… Yes I do like God! I feel and experience every one of those things with God. Yes I do love and like Him! Phew what a relief. I thought I was in serious trouble then.

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