Bob Roberts & Why?

“Having met Bob Roberts; seen him pace up and down speaking at an enormous rate of words per minute; having had to get past the awful Hawaiian shirts he wears; but also having great regard for his ability to get things done, I don’t have any difficulty with the sincerity of Bob’s words in his “Why they start churches -through their eyes”.

Bob is a Kingdom minded man who places great store on doing the stuff and not talking about it. I have to say he’s right about the “religous industry” built around the concept “missional” and as usual we in the West are seeing the Lord “break out” around the world except in our part of the world. We have to ask why. We must ask why and we must learn to learn from the Church in places like Vietnam, China or Tehran. Bob, as usual, is asking the right questions. Have a look and see what you think.”

~Colin Stoodley

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