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A warfare issue

This morning I became aware of something as I was praying. I had been reflecting on what strategy was needed for an Intercessors prayer meeting tomorrow and the Lord opened something to my heart. So, while it is fresh, I submit this to you all and ask you to weigh it.

We are all aware of the financial crisis that has beset the whole world. It dominates our news and discussions. World governments are preoccupied by it and people are seeing their future threatened by it. Some commentators are saying that this is the confirmation that a shift is happening – that the real power and wealth is going from west to east.

While there is nowhere near the same amount of attention given to it as an issue, it also been observed that there is a shift in the Church as a whole across the world. The mission power and strategy is moving from west to east too.

My purpose in writing to you is to bring an alert. These two shifts are related to one another. Here is what I felt the Lord say:

“Be on your guard. There is a major demonic host at play and it hopes to go unseen. But you must pray that the hosts of heaven will bring forth a battle. This spirit works manipulation. Wealth and prosperity have weakened my people over many generations and what I meant for blessing has been used to drain the people of God of their spiritual strength for the mission to the whole earth. Now, as I the Lord, have begun to shift the center of the power of my mission in the earth, so the enemy has sought to shift the world’s wealth to the east to weaken them. Pray. The spirit seeks to frustrate the harvest that is about to be brought in. Pray. Be on your guard. Pray as my Son taught you to pray.”

Friends, I submit this to you for your prayerful reflection and ask that you join with me in praying that the will of God will be done on the earth as it is in heaven.

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